Paysages en bataille

Paysages en bataille Project currently under development. 52′ documentary + interactive experience and enhanced book Written and directed by Isabelle Masson-LoodtsProduced by Thierry Zamparutti and Étienne Jaxel-TruerDiffuser: RTBF Link to Facebook page : to website : SUMMARY : Along the old front line, the earth still rejects the poisons of the first toxic […]

Moutcho & Pitrouille

Moutcho & Pitrouille An interactive story, funny and colorful for young children. Drawn by Cédric Babouche, writeen by Nadège Pesse, directed by Marina Roel and produced by Étienne Jaxel-Truer. A coproduction Dandeloo & Promenons nous dans les bois. Download links : episode 1 – episode 2 Website : Facebook page : CONCEPT : […]

Ballet lactique

Ballet lactique Design, writing and production of two full 3D animation films by EJT-Labo This ballet lactique shows us what happens during the fermentation and curdling of milk. An educational film at the heart of complex microscopic biological phenomena. Sponsor of the Munster Community of Municipalities, for Maison du fromage. Architecte  DWPA Architectes Museographer Nathalia […]

Kevin and his apostles

Kevin and his apostles Written and directed by Étienne Jaxel-Truer Directed by Étienne Jaxel-Truer, Étienne Guiol and Eminé Seker God gave Kevin a mission: to save the world. Just that. The problem is that Kevin doesn’t seem to be the ideal man. Fortunately, his friends will help him…. With the support ofLorraine RegionAlsace RegionRhône-Alpes RegionSACD […]

La Tombe 33

La Tombe 33 “La tombe 33, un mystère égyptien” – 52′ documentary Written and directed by Thomas WeidenbachRealization of the reconstitutions and animations: Étienne Jaxel-Truer Production Seppia, SWR, ARTE, France 3 and History Reconstruction of an Egyptian monument by WCY-Labo, based on archaeological surveys and previous archival documents.Design and direction of 3D animations by EJT-Labo. […]

The Tube

The Tube Design and management of the biennial newspaper “Le Tube”, editorial content, photographs, illustrations. Overall communication of the whole (2007-2009). The Chapelle Rhénane is a baroque music ensemble founded and directed by the Alsatian tenor, Benoît Haller.