Time to lunch

Time to lunch AT LUNCHTIME SUMMARY : The three-spotted toad waits motionless in the middle of the pond. The toad is hungry. Hungry like a wolf! Which dish is refined enough to be worthy of his delicate palate? À l’Heure du Déjeuner is a funny and poetic story for children, made in an animated strip. […]

Le voyage de Kotick

Le Voyage de Kotick Created by Alizée FavierDevelopped, edited and produced by Emine Seker & Étienne Jaxel-TruerMusic: Andrea HeisenDeveloppement: Yvan Corsiglia et Anthony GuerinScientific consultant : Sarah Lemer « Le Voyage de Kotick » is inspired by the novel  « The White Seal » of Rudyard Kipling, published in  « The Jungle Book ». This […]

Dessine-moi le vent

https://vimeo.com/250420667 Dessine-moi le vent CONCEPT: Dessine-moi le vent is an augmented children’s book, on sale in bookshops and on the web. An augmented book is a real book, but one that has something more than the others: thanks to your digital tablet, you can give life to some of its pages. SUMMARY : When Leila […]

Moutcho & Pitrouille

Moutcho & Pitrouille An interactive story, funny and colorful for young children. Drawn by Cédric Babouche, writeen by Nadège Pesse, directed by Marina Roel and produced by Étienne Jaxel-Truer. A coproduction Dandeloo & Promenons nous dans les bois. Download links : episode 1 – episode 2 Website : http://moutcho-pitrouille.com Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/MoutchoetPitrouille CONCEPT : […]

Kevin and his apostles

Kevin and his apostles Written and directed by Étienne Jaxel-Truer Directed by Étienne Jaxel-Truer, Étienne Guiol and Eminé Seker God gave Kevin a mission: to save the world. Just that. The problem is that Kevin doesn’t seem to be the ideal man. Fortunately, his friends will help him…. With the support ofLorraine RegionAlsace RegionRhône-Alpes RegionSACD […]