Le voyage de Kotick

Le Voyage de Kotick Created by Alizée FavierDevelopped, edited and produced by Emine Seker & Étienne Jaxel-TruerMusic: Andrea HeisenDeveloppement: Yvan Corsiglia et Anthony GuerinScientific consultant : Sarah Lemer « Le Voyage de Kotick » is inspired by the novel  « The White Seal » of Rudyard Kipling, published in  « The Jungle Book ». This […]

Dessine-moi le vent

https://vimeo.com/250420667 Dessine-moi le vent CONCEPT: Dessine-moi le vent is an augmented children’s book, on sale in bookshops and on the web. An augmented book is a real book, but one that has something more than the others: thanks to your digital tablet, you can give life to some of its pages. SUMMARY : When Leila […]

The Tube

The Tube Design and management of the biennial newspaper “Le Tube”, editorial content, photographs, illustrations. Overall communication of the whole (2007-2009). The Chapelle Rhénane is a baroque music ensemble founded and directed by the Alsatian tenor, Benoît Haller.