Dessine-moi le vent

Text author and coproducer: Damiens Pons – Designer and producer : Marina Roel – Music author : Paul Fernique – Art director, producer and publisher : Étienne Jaxel-Truer

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Dessine-moi le vent is an augmented reality book for children, available in bookstores or on internet, in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. 

An augmented reality book is a real book, but hides something special: through your tablet the sotry comes alive.


As Leila describes to Nahel what she saw during her travels, Nahel take his pencils and draw the scene. Later, through the curiosity of your children, these drawings will come alive et plunge them in the fantasy of our two heroes. You will help a child make his kite fly, a tiny caterpillar become a butterfly, a breeze play music and a carousel turn again.


The app works alone, but it’s incredibly better with the book

  • You can use augmented reality on 4 scenes, full of surprises to discover
  • You will be plunged in a fantastic musical universe created specifically for the book
  • You will contemplate animations worthy of an animtion movie


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« Dessine-moi le vent »is a book giving the opportunity to use an interactive app available on Itunes Store and Google Play Store. The minimum device required is an iPad 2 with IOS 9 , including a camera, or in the case of Android, a recent tablet with minimum Adriod 6 Update . If you meet any difficulties with your device, contact us.