Moutcho & Pitrouille

Moutcho & Pitrouille An interactive story, funny and colorful for young children. Drawn by Cédric Babouche, writeen by Nadège Pesse, directed by Marina Roel and produced by Étienne Jaxel-Truer. A coproduction Dandeloo & Promenons nous dans les bois. Download links : episode 1 – episode 2 Website : Facebook page : CONCEPT : …

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Time to lunch

Time to lunch Text author : Florence Jenner-Metz – Graphic Author : Marie Dorléans – Producer : Étienne Jaxel-Truer Based on the eponymous kamishibai, published by Callicéphale editions CONCEPT : À l’heure du déjeuner is a non linear animated story, whos rythm depends on the narrator reading the story. To enjoy the experience, you need: …

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